Govornici 2021

Professor of Psychology, academic, book author, and keynote speaker
How to select potential leaders?
Leading European speaker on Growth Mindset, Leadership Development and Organizational Change
Growth mindset
Motivational keynote speaker, author, musician, Emmy Award Winner, employee retention and workforce expert
People Motivation; Employee Retention; Leaders of tomorrow
Coach, Trainer, Consultant, Positive Psychology Expert
Employee wellbeing - is it worth investing and in what specifically?
Mindfulness and NLP Master Trainer, Mental and Business Coach and Human Resources management specialist
Leadership coach and mentor, leadership development consultant and book author
Creating (from) chaos: 21st century leadership competence
Behaviour change expert, speaker and award-winning CEO Certified Exercise Physiologist and a book author
Habitual Behaviours: The Science of Creating Lifelong Habits
VP people & culture Europe at Prologis (Netflix, Unilever, Belkin)
New world of (HR) work