Are we ready for a new way of living and working?

„Želim vas upoznati s vašim životom. To je svijet konstantnog rada gdje iz dana u dana ‘lovimo svoj vlastiti rep’, a sve kako bi kompanije ostvarile veći profit i postale sve konkurentnije na tržištu rada. Od nas se svaki dan očekuje sve više. Moramo probijati svoje granice, a zadaci samo pristižu“ , s ovom uvodnom pričom keynote govornik Ronan Harrington, na ovogodišnjoj HR Days konferenciji, započeo je svoje predavanje na temu „The 3Ms: a New Model of Sustainable Performance“.

We are all aware of the reality we live in, explains Ronan, but at what cost will we continue to live in such a way and until when, he asked us. Due to the hectic lifestyle, which is permeated with daily stress, it is not surprising that we are more and more often experiencing burnout.

"We are overloaded with meetings, we don't have time for deeper, more studious and more complete work. Our work has completely merged with our private life, we work more and more often in the evening hours and outside of working hours. Multitasking has become our best friend, and at the end of the day we no longer know which tasks are our priority and which are not," he added.

Such a way of life has turned us into hamsters, trapped in our own coil from which we cannot get out.

In order to seemingly reduce or relieve employee stress, companies have started to introduce various well-being benefits in the last few years. But according to Ronan, these are only cosmetic corrections. The real way out of our 'cage' is hidden in a completely new method called 3M - mechanism, mindset and modeling.

The mechanism represents the creation of an organized system within which the exact time will be prescribed for each segment of work. For example, three hours a day are reserved for meetings, two for current affairs, and the rest of the time is left for more normal work, thinking and creating new ideas. Mindset, of course, refers to the creation of a common awareness of the importance and necessity of such a system, while modeling represents the key factor without which this whole method would not work. Of course, it is about creating a role model for all employees, which must start from the top of the company.

"The introduction of this model without true and valid consistency or adherence to all its points makes no sense. If we really want to change the way we work, we have to be consistent, and the biggest changes have to come from the top of the company. Otherwise, we could lose the most valuable thing, which is our health," Ronan concluded.

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