Prof. Dr. Kai Reinhardt

Prof. Dr. Kai Reinhardt holds a chair in Business Administration, Organizational Development and Human Resources at the Berlin University of Economics and Business Administration HTW Berlin.

He is an international expert and keynote speaker on leadership and strategy research, including competence management and digital organizational design.

In his work, he focuses on the opportunities for companies to digitize their business strategy, people and culture. Prior to that, he spent 15 years in industry in various positions in the high-tech and Internet indus-tries, including building the European business of eBay and Vodafone.

Later, he led the digital and market strategy in various global technology companies. In his keynotes, he gives exciting insights into how organizations will look and function in the age of VUCA, social media, blockchain and artificial intelligence. As an advi-sor, he helps international executives expand their strategic skills to become more strategically agile and digitally mature.


The Future of Work: How Artificial Intelligence Technologies Will Change Corporate HR from Inside Out

Prof. dr. Kai Reinhardt will provide key insights into latest findings and scenarios on how AI technological will change HR in the future and how HR managers can cope with AI technology.

Provide deep dives into research on how AI will disrupt roles, talents and competencies in the HR organization. Providing best practices and guidelines, how to build an AI-driven HR organization, based on latest HR practices, including leadership, employee experience, talent management, organizational structures.