Dr. Maggi Evans

Dr Maggi Evans is an experienced consultant with international experience across a variety of sectors including banking, utilities, hospitality, FMCG, technology and retail. Recognised as an influential communicator, Maggi combines challenging strategic thinking with realistic and practical solutions. She has a reputation as an insightful consultant, helping clients to gain new perspectives and to reduce the ‘noise’ around a challenge so they can focus and act on key issues which will make a difference. Her specific areas of interest and expertise include people strategy, top team (assessment, coaching and team development), leadership development and culture change. She is on a mission to help organisations, leaders and individuals to liberate talent through creating organisations where everyone can thrive and do their best work. She regularly speaks at conferences on talent strategy and is the author of an award-winning book on talent liberation.

What can you expect at the lecture “Transforming Underachievers & Getting Everyone on the Pitch”:

How to get to know your team and bring out the best in the people we collaborate with every day?
Why does communication need to start from leadership, and how can leaders create an engaged and productive business culture?
How to provide feedback that will lead to better results and increased engagement in the future?

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