Maša Tonković Grabovac

Asst. Prof. Maša Tonković Grabovac, Ph.D., on University of Zagreb is a chair in I/O psychology at the University Department of Croatian Studies and a lecturer on the Human Resource Development course at the postgraduate specialist HRM study led by Faculty of Economics and Faculty of Humanities and Social Studies. Maša also lectures at the university colleges Edward Bernays and Algebra, on applied psychology and HRM courses.

The theme of her PhD was faking on personality questionnaires in selection, and the scope of her current scientific work is to predict different productive and counterproductive workplace behaviors, as well as employee’s well-being. Maša has a special passion for developing new psychological tests, among which she is especially proud of Croatian Integrity Test. For activity in popularization of science she received a National Science Award, and she enjoys in applying scientific knowledge from I/O psychology in the HRM praxis. Her free time, which she very much appreciates, Maša spends in jumping into puddles with her family.


From staples to millions - Counterproductive work behaviors (CWB)

When we talk about counterproductive work behaviors, we mean all intentional behavior that violates important organizational norms and pose a threat to the well-being of the organization and / or its members. In the lecture, Maša will bring you closer to scientific knowledge about what any counterproductive behavior can be expected in an organization and what can happen to their appearance. You will find out how they can measure and how many counterproductive organizational behaviors are present in the Croatian context. The lecture will end with a debate on prevention and confrontation with such behaviors in human resource management practices.