Kate Rand

Kate is an award-winning executive and certified Agile HR practitioner. Her background is a mix of operations and HR, retail and hospitality management, eCommerce and tech. Most recently she has been named one of the Pitch 2020 superwomen, and her team won "Best D&I Strategy" at the 2020 EE awards. Over the past 2 years Beyond has been recognised with more than 16 awards for D&I, people and culture. Kate also sits on the BIMA Inclusion & Diversity council, advising technology SMEs, and trains HR practitioners through the AgileHR community to apply Agile to HR.

So far she has personally trained over 150 people worldwide. She is an advocate for equity inspired design, and embedding Diversity, Equity and Inclusion into the DNA of every business, and believes DE&I is not a competitive advantage, but an imperative for all organisations, which led her to co-found the Belong frameworks through Beyond.

WHAT TO EXPECT: Agile HR and HR’s role in Agile transformations

HR has an exciting and central role in Agile Business transformations! What should we do with performance management? How will incentives change in an agile organization? What happens with the manager role, do we need managers anymore? To be able to drive and catalyze business agility HR people need to adopt Agile ways of thinking and working themselves, too. In this session you will be introduced to Agile HR and get an idea of the broad and important role HR professionals have in digital and agile transformations. Riina will share some transformation cases and examples, with a couple of do’s and don’ts keeping the approach very practical.