mr. sc. Mislav Balković

Mislav was born in 1975 in Zagreb, Croatia. In 1998 obtained his bachelor’s degree while in 2004 got academic title master of science in the field of ICT. Co-founder of the Algebra educational group and since 2000 acting as a headmaster of the learning institution Algebra. Since 2006 intensively involved in preparation of different types of development projects in the area of education financed by national funds as well as by World’s Bank, CARDS , PHARE, TEMPUS, Lifelong Learning Program and IPA.

In 2009 he was elected dean of University College Algebra. Actively involved in initiatives promoting education. He is currently President of skills sector council for electrotechnics and computing, President of the Croatian Employers Association in Education and a member of National Council for Higher Education. Mislav represents Croatian employers in Advisory Committee for VET (DG Education and Culture). He has been involved in number of activities organized by ETF, OEC.