Mireia Montane

Mireia Montane holds a Master in Hospitality Management with a minor in Human Resources from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (USA), and a BA in Anglo-Germanic Philology from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. She is also accredited by the internationally recognized Society of Human Resources Management and is trained as a coach.

Before joining EADA, Mireia served as Executive Director and HR Consultant for La Mola Hotel & Conference Centre, HR Opening Director of Renaissance Barcelona Airport Hotel, and Director of Human Resources in Ark Las Vegas Restaurant Corporation, where for 7 years she managed the HR department of this 1,000 workers company.

In her tenure at EADA, she has managed the Master in Management (Bilingual), the master in Human Resources Management, the master in Hospitality Management, and is currently the Director of the International Master in Tourism and Hospitality Management.

Also, she is a professor in managerial soft skills, and teaches Human Resources Management courses. Her academic interests revolve around Strategic HR topics and People Transformation. Since 2012-2013 she is collaborating as a Reviewer for two academic journals.