Krysia Sommers

Krysia is a former award-winning journalist who has spent the past decade at Bayer – at global life sciences company working in strategic roles focused on executive messaging; leadership enhancement; change management and employee engagement. She is currently Head of Innovation Engagement at Bayer, where her key role is to engage and activate 100,000 people across Bayer to leverage existing tools and opportunities that enable employees to co-create and innovate in what they do.

Before joining Bayer, Krysia worked as a chemicals journalist for the news agency Thomson Reuters, in Frankfurt; as a freelance Germany-correspondent for The Guardian newspaper; and as Health Editor for the Birmingham Evening Mail, UK, during which time her accolades included winning first prize as Young Reporter of the Year in the UK Medical Journalism Awards for investigative journalism.

Krysia holds a Masters in Print Journalism, as well as Joint Honours Bachelor in French and Music from Royal Holloways, University of London, which included one year at the Sorbonne University, Paris.

,In a past life', Krysia played the violin in orchestras and quartets, while today her free hours are spent enjoying quality time with her family.


A transformative journey to fuel innovation with entreprenuership at global life sciences company Bayer

  • Enabling employees with innovation tools, platforms and programs that can lead to new business models
  • Empowering enthusiasts with leadership that is rooted in dreaming big, starting small and failing forward
  • Embedding innovation through collaborative networks and ecosystems focused on co-creation and coaching