Johan Driessens

Johan Driessens is general manager and owner of several companies: Branded.Careers/ in Belgium and one and only Global Emerging Employer Branding Leader 2018. Johan is internationally known and recognized as one of the most creative business experience architects. You will understand why he makes thousands of people smile on Monday morning.


Creating a valuable employer branding experience

Through his presentation, Johan will give you insighst into most attractive Employer branding elements in the world and he will energize you and open your eyes for new vision on employer branding. To be honest, old and classic employer branding are dead and everything is now focused on creating experience for existing and new employees. How do you organize unique experiences from pre-hire to retire? What will people tell and share about your brand as an employer when you are not in the room? For HR professionals that would be the biggest challenge in the future. Johan will share with you his vision how can every company through unique experience attract and retain real talents and create a workplace everybody would love. Be ready for some energy, a lot of “aha” moments and new professional memories. Welcome to the experience economy!