Jasmina Lukačević

Jasmina Lukačević, by a graduate B. Sc. of mathematics, works in the HRPRO company as a consultant of HRET software that covers all processes in the field of Human Resources Management. Connection of IT and HR have marked the last 18 years of her career. In the former Siemens IT department "PSE" (Program and System Engineering), where she worked from 1998 to 2008, after several years of programming work on IT projects and additional education in the field of HR, Jasmina took over position of a HR manager and dealt with HR processes primarily aimed to a more efficient, higher quality and the most important "happier" work of engineers, developers, software designers and other specific functions. From 2008, in the HRPRO company, her work is focused on HR processes from the perspective of HRNET software that integrates a lot of expertise and many years of experience from various industries and all types of organizations (HRNET is used in 50 companies and 13 different countries in Europe, with over 80,000 end users).

Her main areas of work are alligning clients' business needs with software capabilities, as well as business development of HRPRO company through the development of processes, people, partnership and cooperation (internal, with customers, partners and various organizations in Croatia and abroad). Jasmina is also facilitator of participatory conversational processes and member of several professional organizations and networks, from which she is especially inspired by the international network "The Art of Hosting Meaningful Conversations" in which she is an active member since 2003.