Jasmin Ibrahimović

Jasmin Ibrahimović is an entrepreneur with wealthy international experience in the field of sales and management. He is a founder of Rainmaker d.o.o. that operates under the motto of motivating people to excel by building relationships of trust and inspiring productive activities that lead to accomplishment of organizational goals and achievement of personal dreams. Jasmin had recently been appointed as Regional Director for South East Europe for a fast growing multinational company called Rain International.

His true passion lies in education and he has been an associate of Institute of management in Zagreb since 2011 holding the responsibility as Program Director for several education programs, as well as a lecturer. Beside teaching others, Jasmin is also dedicated to personal development, education and growth. He just recently defended his thesis receiving the title of Master of Science in Service Leadership and Innovation at Rochester Institute of Technology. He also has a degree in Economy of Entrepreneurship from Vern’ University of Applied Sciences.

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