Dagmar Suissa

Dagmar is a transformational educator, facilitator, coach and lecturer at Charles University in Prague. She studied clinical and transpersonal psychology in Paris and London and spent over 15 years in various HR leadership roles in businesses such as Anheuser-Busch InBev, mBank, Marks and Spencer or Alma Media. During these years she particularly enjoyed leading transformational HR projects revolving around cultural change or talent and leadership development. She advocates for an innovative approach to HR and leadership in general, which is more fit to meet the needs of the VUCA world. She is currently dedicated to working with organizations on developing these capacities in their leaders as well as HR professionals.

Dagmar’s approach to HR can be best described as eclectic and playful. She enjoys stretching the boundaries of HR beyond its traditional scope, exploring topics like the role of play, happiness and spirituality in the workplace and business in general.


Seven stages of power 

We are always more than we think as individuals and organisations. As we travel the journey of growing into more mature stages of personal and organisational power, we first seek and gain power outside of us. Only as we discover and befriend our own inner power, can we become truly empowering to ourselves and others and reach new levels of creativity, engagement and overall effectiveness.

You will be able to understand how each successive stage opens up whole new possibilities of personal and organizational effectiveness. Also, you will get a glimpse of where are you on the journey as well as learn what it takes to develop to the next level.