Christoph Fellinger

Christoph started his career in corporate communication in the music industry before moving into Human Resources at Beiersdorf. Originally coming from a communications background his HR expertise lies in Talent Acquisition, having worked in various roles in Employer Branding, Recruitment Marketing, University Relations, Recruiting and Talent Relationship Management both on a local and international level.

His latest love in professional life includes diagnostic trends and HR Tech.


How Generations Y&Z will influence the future of organizations – and what is driving them? 

What to expect? Generation Y and their successors Generation Z already make up a remarkable share of the workforce. They are bringing new values and attitudes into companies, questioning traditional rules and pushing for a different way of working. And they are here to stay. Now how will this influence organizations, their structure, their leadership, their HR instruments?

The talk will depict the drivers of the young generation, focusing on the most important impacts and showing some examples how companies are already changing.