Andrija Vrhovnik

Andrija Vrhovnik is a psychologist at A1 Croatia as an HR Data Analysis Specialist (People Analytics Specialist). He started his career at A1 Croatia as a student, and through the A1 Start professional development program for the jobs of the future, he turned to data science. Today, his professional path encompasses integrating his two most significant interests, organizational psychology and data science, to analyze, understand and improve HR processes. With a particular interest in applying data science in HR and digital transformation, Andrija is committed to improving employee engagement, optimizing workforce potential and modernizing HR

Through his work, Andrija enables HR to make informed decisions through data analysis and research into employee satisfaction and engagement. At the same time, Andrija deals with the automation of HR processes through low-code/no-code applications to reduce the operational burden of colleagues in the department through digitization and improve employees' experience with internal HR practices.

In the context of the employment of Generation Z, Andrija will reveal first-hand trends, as well as data and conclusions from the comprehensive research conducted by A1 Croatia on the habits, attitudes and priorities in the business environment of Generation Z. It is a quantitative and qualitative research in cooperation with the agency Humanact, which included more than 400 participants, students and employees aged 19 to 26 (Generation Z) and 26 to 35 (Generation Y).

What can you expect from the panel?

Generation Z will make up more than a quarter of the working population by 2025, marking a shift in workforce dominance and ushering a new era of leadership.

Whether the specifics of this generation mentioned so far are myths or reality, how can companies react to expectations of members of this completely digital generation and what of their advantages we should all try to adopt, will be discussed by our panelists: psychologist Maja Vučić, Tik Tok mentor Dario Marčac , People & Communication Manager at Netgen company Mateja Terek and People Analytics Specialist at A1 company Andrija Vrhovnik.