WORKSHOP: Fluctuation hell - How to make them stay? by Simulus

Generation Z is becoming a larger part of the workforce. We have to attract them and keep them long enough for them to develop into stars. They stay at the workplace shorter and are more vocal in expressing their wants and needs than previous generations, so they get on our nerves. They get on our nerves, but we also got on the nerves of our parents' generation at work. Is there any difference at all or are we simply overthinking it?

In any case, we must, with minimal investment, give them a working environment in which they can develop and contribute. And in order to be able to do that, we have to understand them, their needs and the reasons why they have such needs. 

We will combine world and our research with examples from psychotherapy practice and we will show you how young people at the beginning of their career currently think, how they feel and what they really need to function at work. For example, is mentoring a Xanax that only solves the effect, or is mentoring therapy that deals with the cause of their specific need? What do they REALLY need?

Find out how, with minimal investment, you can create a work environment in your organization where new generations will feel that they can develop and make a meaningful contribution. There will be research, analysis, myth-busting, psychotherapy and common sense. We'll also probably have a few laughs as well.