HR Days conference: A perfectly balanced 'cocktail' of education, inspiration and entertainment

The conference with a long tradition returns to its 'roots' with the spring term and will be held on May 8 and 9 at the Lone Hotel in Rovinj

HR Days and Rovinj are already a well-known combination to all experts in human resources, but also to lovers of this area of business. 

In this short text, we will remind you of the values brought by the 12th consecutive HR Days conference, which can be reduced to a common denominator: connect, learn and have fun!  

In the professional part of the program, we will learn about successful examples of the inclusion of foreign workers, both those in lower positions, and those equipped with specific knowledge and skills who rightfully fall into the category of 'hard-to-reach staff', and we will round off the whole story with a short summary of inclusive leadership. 

At the conference, we will learn more about all three sides of artificial intelligence - the good, the bad and the "ugly" side of AI. At the same time, we will share tips & tricks when it comes to performance management, recruiting, or any other part of daily work in human resources. 

Management of low performance teams

Given the already natural symbiosis of marketing and HR, we will host an American expert Alexa Hera on the subject of employer branding and recruitment marketing and thereby gain insight into the latest trends and their practical application. Regardless of whether you work in a smaller company that does not have lavish resources, or you are part of a large company with clearly established processes and a strategic approach to human resources.

In addition, in order not to forget about team and performance management, we have prepared a lecture on employee retention. We will also tackle managed low performance teams, i.e. the question of how to 'turn' those less motivated and productive team members into better implementers and more satisfied employees. 

But that's not all... in addition to professional content that will motivate you to make further progress in your work, you can also expect an all-inclusive package that includes a sumptuous breakfast and lunch buffet and rich coffee breaks to recharge your energy between lectures, workshops and round tables, and the evening receptions and the unmissable party will become central moments that will be recounted until the next edition of the conference.

Experience HR Days, a conference that exceeds expectations, combines knowledge, networking and extraordinary fun - all in one place! 

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