The future has arrived: How to handle the AI revolution in HR?

The application of artificial intelligence in HR opens the door to new knowledge and possibilities, illuminating the way through the complex issues of the future of work and human resource management. Be one step ahead and join us at the 12th HR Days conference!

We live in an age where artificial intelligence is slowly but surely and irreversibly creeping into all spheres of our lives. While some enthusiastically welcome the changes that technological progress brings, others are quite skeptical. 

Concerns about the impact of AI on our society, as well as the business environment, are varied and deep-rooted.

AI has arrived, are we ready?

With the lecture 'The good, the bad & the ugly of AI', artificial intelligence expert Geertrui Mieke De Ketelaere will reveal to us everything we didn't know we wanted to know about AI- in the world of HR.

Geertrui has gained an incredibly rich experience during 28 years of working for leading multinational companies such as IBM, Microsoft, SAP and SAS, focusing on the area of data and analytics. From her experience comes an expert understanding of the potential of artificial intelligence and the challenges we face.

Together, we will embark on a dynamic exploration of the impact and value of artificial intelligence in the field of human resources. 

She will start with the research of "good", highlighting the areas where artificial intelligence surpasses human capabilities. However, at the same time, she will emphasize the importance of human intelligence and the need for symbiotic cooperation between humans and technology.

In doing so, she will address the "bad" aspects, highlighting common pitfalls and challenges companies face while implementing AI projects, including data errors and biases. She will provide us with insight into the solution of these problems and navigation towards successful integration of artificial intelligence in the future.

Finally, she will confront us with some "ugly" realities, highlighting the potential misuse of AI in areas such as fake news and manipulation.