Flexibility in work is the key to future success

Different generations, as well as the complete flexibility of the workplace, are topics that Nigel emphasized in his lecture "Re-imagining Learning, Development and Reward for a Changing World".

Changes, changes and changes - these are the words that characterized the last HR Days conference. In the same tone, but this time about changes in the labor market, Nigel Jeremy. also spoke

"In the last few years, we have been constantly under the influence of changes - from the coronavirus, through Brexit, the war in Ukraine, possible crises, labor migration, up to the appearance of five completely different generations on the labor market", said Nigel.

Different generations, but also the complete flexibility of the workplace are topics that Nigel emphasized in his lecture"Re-imagining Learning, Development and Reward for a Changing World".

Differences between people is what makes this world interesting, but how to harmonize the needs of everyone is a challenge that HR experts face today more than ever. 

“Benefits such as salary increases, bonuses, company cars, shares or annual profits are always welcome, but they are not enough today. In order to survive and continue to grow, employers must become creative and flexible", he stressed.

When talking about flexibility, Nigel emphasizes that he is not referring to flexible working hours or working from home. According to him, employers must adapt to the "nomadic" way of working that is becoming more and more popular today. Thus, he believes that every employer should think about introducing fully flexible work. More precisely, they should enable their employees to work from any location, as well as the possibility of creating their own working hours. 

"We can see how this way of working is most attractive to millennials, who are increasingly turning to nomadic work. Leaders must be aware of the changes taking place in the market. You have to embrace them and grow together with them because that's the only way you can keep up with new trends," he concluded.