Stop bad bosses from ruining careers... And, more importantly, don't become 'one of them'!

Debra and Ken Corey arrive in Rovinj, a duo that reveals the secrets of strong leadership and bad bosses.

Circle May 8 and 9 today in your calendars, planners and virtual reminders because these are the dates when the regional HR community will gather again in magical Rovinj, at the 12th HR Days conference!

Some of the world's most prestigious lecturers, inspirational speakers and human resources experts have confirmed their arrival in Istria, who will enrich your knowledge and encourage you to look at new perspectives in the field of human resources.

Stop bad bosses from ruining employees' careers

You have already had the opportunity to meet the prestigious author, psychologist and author Dr. Maggi Evans, just like the architect of the winning teams, Armin Trost, and today we present a special duo in many ways.

Despite the countless times repeated (and some would say proven) statement that, unlike chocolate brownie and vanilla ice cream, work and private life should not mix, they decided to defy the odds and prove the opposite.

Debra and Ken Corey are the first spouses who, in tandem, will conquer the stage in Rovinj!

Debra is an experienced and award-winning human resources consultant, top speaker and author of six books, one of which was named one of the top 101 global influencers on employee engagement.

Ken is an experienced engineer and pioneer in driving innovative solutions in employee management, with a rich career spanning more than three decades, during which he has led the development of highly productive teams and led complex projects and advanced engineering practices in companies ranging from startups to large enterprises.

What do we get when we put the aforementioned business-private combination under the spotlight?

Well, in addition to a whole series of internal jokes and quips that only a partnership of many years can produce, there is also their joint lecture on a topic that most of us can identify with: "How to stop your bad bosses from ruining lives".

Debra and Ken will join us on the 10 Types of Terrible Bosses, discover the Building Blocks Model for Great Leaders, and share real stories about bad bosses and tips on how to avoid them. became one of them.

Early risers, we admit, have a special status here! And so, take your place at the HR Days conference at a special Early Bird price!