Master the Art of Talent Retention!

Armin Trost, the architect of winning teams and successful employee retention, is coming to Rovinj for the 12th HR Days conference!

In the business world, where changes are the only constant we can count on, retaining top talent has become a "Gordian knot" of modern human resource management that few manage to successfully and continuously untangle. Or, if he doesn't go the peaceful way, then at least cut it in two like Alexander the Great did, according to legends.

Fortunately, in order to unlock the secret to long-term retention of key individuals with you, the HR Days conference – which will to be held on May 8 and 9, 2024 in Rovinj - found its modern 'Alexander the Great' from the world of human resources - professor Armin Trost!

Professor Trost, a leading authority in human resource management, has been teaching, researching and providing strategic advice to companies of all profiles since 2005 at Furtwangen University in Germany, setting standards in the field of human resources, with a special emphasis on talent retention.

Don't lose track of trends

As part of his interactive lecture'The Art of Retention – How managers mindfully can build strong ties to their employees', Professor Trost will ask fundamental questions that go to the heart of the talent retention problem:

Why do interpersonal relationships play an indescribably important role in employee retention?

How to achieve a balance between the self-controlled engagement of workers and their need to be taken care of?

What is the reason for the departure of talents even though we offer them a whole range of attractive benefits?

While the world of HR is constantly and irreversibly changing, Professor Trost tirelessly explores the nuances of the art of talent retention, highlighting methods through which managers, like skilled relationship architects, can build not only strong, but also sustainable bridges with their employees.