"Success is not about earning a million dollars. Success is when you wake up happy and satisfied with yourself'

After discovering the importance of empathy, Daniela Landherr, bivša korporativna voditeljica Googlea uvela nas je u svijet timskog rada

Empathy, responsiveness, cooperation, cohesion and thoughtfulness - these are some of the main messages that could be heard yesterday at the jubilee 10th edition of the HR Days conference, which put "under the magnifying glass" different forms of leadership, based on recognizing and developing the potential of employees, building friendly relations and encouraging a strong inclusive culture.

At the very beginning of the conference on the importance of thinking, listening and analyzing the problems that lie before us, he vividly showed us, with the help of a coin, Vesa-Pekka Kirsi, senior vice president of Alma Career through his lecture on "Leadership: Finding Balance between External Demands and our own Internal Limitations"

"We have to approach the complex problems we face today in such a way. We cannot solve them by "flipping a coin" because the real solutions are found on the edge of the coin. In making decisions, we must always look at both sides. As leaders, we must listen to what people tell us in order to know how to put together the right environment that will create an oasis of progress, growth and satisfied workers," said Kirsi.

And while Kirsi revealed to us little secrets with the help of which we will more easily solve the problems that we international communication experts face today, Antoni Lacinai he introduced us to three superpowers with which we can create a better, more promising and dynamic work environment.

"Energy, empathy, clarity - these are three superpowers with the help of which you will create a solid and safe community in your environment that nurtures diversity and encourages innovation and growth. Although all superpowers are equally important, we can't get anywhere without empathy. "Without it, we cannot understand the people around us, and therefore we cannot create a new, better and more prosperous future," emphasized Lacinai.

With empathy, we entered the next interesting and inspiring lectures of the first 'Chief Heart Officer' Claude Silver. She proved to us that she really is a Heart Officer through her lecture, through which she tried to bring the importance of empathy and working with the heart closer to us. More precisely, she showed us the importance of respecting both our own and other people's emotions.

"We are all individuals in our own right who, with good and quality leadership, can change our lives from the roots. The job of leaders, as well as people who work in human resources, is not to "fix" individuals, but to listen and provide a safe space where employees can be who they are. True success is not measured by money and it does not mean earning a million dollars. Success is when you wake up every morning happy and satisfied with yourself," said Silver.

Without a united team, there are no results

After we discovered the importance of empathy, Daniela Landherr, former corporate head of Google introduced us to the world of teamwork. She decided to convey her message in one, somewhat humorous and unusual way, which is through the comparison of humans and penguins during the hunt. Namely, during hunting, penguins "sacrifice" one member of their flock so that he can examine the situation, i.e. whether entering the water is dangerous or not.

"Toxic teams also work that way. I'm sure that at least one of you felt like a test specimen penguin. In order to create a successful and productive team, you need to develop "psychological security" in people. People need to know that their team is always there for them," explained Landherr.

We stayed in the world of teamwork, emotions and feelings even in the last lecture, which was brought to us by the executive and team coach, mentor and lecturer. Pilar Cabral Majerović. As she states, emotions are something we often forget when we enter the business world, but it shouldn't be like that. According to her, each of us must be aware of our emotions, and we can control their expression through the so-called Expression RULER. More precisely, each letter represents a path of discovering and dealing with emotions. R thus represents the recognition of emotions, one's own and others'. U is the understanding of the cause and effect that such an emotion carries, L represents the naming of the emotion, E stands for expression, while the last R shows the way in which we will express that emotion.

"Emotions are not internal noise, they are a signal that something is not ok, that we have to change something in order to make our life better and more fulfilling. Once you see people opening up and discover all the positives that come with it, you'll wonder why you didn't embrace emotions in your business community sooner. Even you, as an individual, can become the main wheel of change. All you have to do is approach the world with a smile on your face," concluded Majerović.

We've done the first day, but the HR Days story doesn't stop there, it continues today! The second day of the conference brings more interesting lectures, workshops, and awards for the best HR practices in the past year. .

The conference partner is Algebra, and the sponsors are LQ, HR cloud, Halpet, Life Friendly Firm, Microsoft, Carlsberg and Lamaro digital.

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