Zvonimir Galić

Zvonimir Galić is a professor at the Department of Psychology at the Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb. His main research interests are related to motivation and decision-making in organizational and consumer behavior. After a doctorate in psychology at the University of Zagreb, he completed his training at Purdue University, Psychological Sciences (Fulbright's Post Doctoral Research Award) and Australian National University, Research School of Management (Endeavour Postdoctoral Fellowship).

His research has been published in respected international journals, including J. of Economic Psychology, J. of Vocational Behavior, Human Performance, European J. of Work and Organizational Psychology and International J. of Selection and Assessment.

He is currently the head of the research project "Implicit personality, decision-making and leadership in organizations" funded by the Croatian Science Foundation (2018-2022). He is one of the founders of the University postgraduate specialist study Human Resources Management, which is jointly conducted by the Faculty of Economics and Philosophy of the University of Zagreb.


Leaders in the era of Big Quit: Five key skills of people management

In the era of the Big Quit, managers have a particularly important role in employee retention and in the success of organizations. Successful managers lead their employees well - they transfer important knowledge, develop them, motivate and manage team processes. On the contrary, bad managers make life miserable for their subordinates, make bad decisions, and cause financial losses to the organizations they work for.

Scientific research data show that at least half of managers are unsuccessful in their work, which results in their resignation or dismissal. The failure of managers most often does not result from insufficient professional knowledge or a lack of intelligence, but precisely from a lack of leadership competencies.

During this workshop, the model of leadership competencies that emerges from our current research will be detailed presented. The five competencies (motivation, development, relationship building, leadership and teamwork) are crucial for leadership success, regardless of the level of hierarchy in the organization and the business sector.

In this workshop you will receive practical advice on how to measure and improve them in the practice of human resources management.

Zvonimir Galić will lead the workshop in collaboration with Maja Parmač Kovačić, a colleague form the Department of Psychology at the of Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb.