Tomislav Grubišić

Tomislav Grubisic is the co-founder/co-owner of Degordian, a full service digital agency formerly know as iSTUDIO, which he founded with his high-school friend Daniel Ackermann in 2009. Today the agency has its headquarters in Zagreb and branch offices in Vienna, Belgrade and Mostar, which makes it one of the fastest growing digital agencies in SE Europe. In only five years, the team grew from two to more than one hundred young and talented professionals. His guiding principle from the beginning was quality - the quality of the work, the quality of the team as well the quality of the support and a suitable working environment for all employees. He is actively working with the Department of Human Resources to bring the highest quality people who will be well guided, satisfied and motivated in their everyday tasks in the agency.

Ponosan je što je Degordian dvije godine za redom, prema izboru portala MojPosao, među najboljim poslodavcima u Htrvatskoj, ali i nacionalni predstavnik prestižne nagrade „European Business Awards“ u kategoriji „Employer of the year". He is passionate about lifelong learning and is especially happy that Degordian’s Internship program received the "Golden Index" award, given by student organizations themselves. He is actively working on developing new products within the agency - Socialpuzzle and Mediatoolkit through which he, as a mentor, develops concepts and development of software alongside the products teams.