Steve Usher

“Anything related to the employee experience gets my attention. How to design and create moments that will live in memory for a long time. There is so much charm in it that you just have to love it!”

Steve has been a business owner for 25 years in recruitment, talent acquisition and candidate experience design. He co-founded Wonder, an employee experience design company based in the Nordics and hosts a podcast called The Experience Designers. Originally from the UK, he lives in Stockholm with his family, having relocated in 2015.

What can you expect at the lecture?

There are experiences happening every day in your business. How well are they serving you? Are they by design or by default? Returning with a new perspective and practical tools to create better employee experiences.

What can you expect at the workshop?

Let's design an experience. Together, we'll be using a design toolkit to create an employee experience. Expect the unexpected!
A fun and practical format that you can use in everyday business!