Ranko Rajović

Ranko Rajović is a specialist in internal medicine, have a master's degree in neurophysiology and is a doctor of sports sciences. He is the author of the NTC Learning Program, which is implemented in 17 countries and in 7 is accredited by the Ministry of Education. He is the founder of Mensa in 5 countries, and since 2002 he is a member of the board of the international Mensa for gifted children (President 2010-2012). He is a contributor to UNICEF and received the Mensa Education and Research Foundation's International Mensa Award for Intellectual Contribution to Society (2015). He works at the Faculty of Education in Koper, Slovenia, and is a visiting professor at several Universities. He is the author of the book: IQ - Parents', Intelligence Development through Play and Learning is a Game, published in Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Italy and Slovakia.

WHAT TO EXPECT: Are our kids ready for future jobs?

If we look at the ten most sought professions in the world, even nine of them did not exist or emerged at all 10 years ago. It means that we are preparing kids for a profession that doesn’t yet exist.

You should also keep in mind that jobs that involve automated mode are disappearing soon, to increase the number of jobs that demand problem solving and integrate knowledge. It is so a priori that we teach children to think, not to learn by heart, which requires the engagement of all responsible social structures involved in educating and preparing children for the labor market.

According to first-grade surveys, 95% of children like to go to school. In the second grade, the percentage is similar, while in the third grade the percentage is 60-70% in different environments. In the third grade, there are for the first time more serious and complex lessons, as well as songs which they must learn by heart. If learning is not in line with brain physiology, the child is in stress, which negatively affects self-confidence and success in school.

Only if learning is for them interesting as playing games, revealing, if they learn think with their head, connect information, find creative solutions and have the knowledge that is functional, then we can with confidence say that we have done everything to prepare them for the future jobs.