Meredith Taghi

Mmeredith-taghieredith Taghi is the Vice President, Head of CIS for Europe and Sub-Saharan Africa. A dedicated learning and engagement professional with a Master's Degree in Organizational Development and Learning, Meredith has had a diverse career spanning 20 years in customer service and human resource management across Australia, Europe and the Middle East. Before joining DHL Express, Meredith worked for Australia's largest private health insurer as Customer Satisfaction Manager and then National Organizational Development Manager. Following a move to Dubai 8 years ago, Meredith worked for DHL Express in in the Middle East and Europe in several HR Management roles. She now lives in Germany with her husband and 2 children and enjoys travelling throughout Europe learning about the history and culture of each country. Meredith's expertise stems from having worked both in operations management and strategic HR where she has learnt the true value to organizations of aligning employee engagement, leadership, internal communication and performance management.