Daria Mateljak

Daria Mateljak is a consultant in corporate relations, sustainable development and CSR. In almost 30 years of her career in the government and corporate sectors, she participated in solving complex problems and crisis situations. Besides leading the consulting firm Hauska & Partner, Daria is a university lecturer in communications and CSR. With her moderate optimism, sharp and direct rhetoric, she tackles the challenges of VUCA world and inspires companies to find solutions to their demanding situations.


In the outburst of negativities thrown upon us by VUCA world in 2020., we had to implement skills of communicating tough topics more than ever. Without the luxury of usual months-long preparations, managers had to address safety, health, uncertainties, bad business results, market losses, demands for business transformation, organizational restructuring… Are we successful in adapting to new communications needs and concerns of our stakeholders? Why are tough topics a litmus of sustainability and how can we talk about them? Why openness, collaboration and removing traditional hierarchies are prerequisite to survival in VUCA world? And why do we have to muster courage to hike on a road less taken? These are questions by which Daria will lead us through communications challenges.