WORKSHOP: Journey through the imagination: Orient Express for team synergy and a new level of mutual understanding and creativity by Lego Serious Play

Although it seems impossible to connect Lego bricks, psychology and novels by Agatha Christi: “Orient Express” we are pleased to announce a unique and interactive workshop.

This workshop will take you on an exciting journey on the Orient Express, the exciting world of Agatha Christie, all with the psychological concept of the Johari window.

With the help of the Lego Serious Play methodology, these workshops will provide you with a unique opportunity for a deeper understanding, in this case of the main protagonists of the novel, and later of yourself and your collaborators, exploring hidden aspects of personality.

The theme of the workshop, Orient Express, in itself carries mystery, excitement and uncovering secrets. This famous train, surrounded by intrigue, riddles and unexpected turns, will serve as a metaphor for our personal journeys and challenges.

But to understand why this workshop has the potential for transformation, we need to explore the psychological concept of the Johari window.

The Johari window provides insight into our self-concept and our perception of other people. Through various activities and discussions, using Lego as a means of expression, it will enable us to discover new aspects of our personality and understand how our behavior reflects on others.

The Lego Serious Play methodology allows us to create metaphorical models that represent the inner world of the main characters. Through playing with Lego bricks, you will create visual representations of your ideas, experiences and feelings related to the Orient Express.

This creative and engaging activity encourages deeper thinking, teamwork and paves the way for new insights.

Our workshop will give you the opportunity to:

  • emphasize and expand your knowledge about yourself,
  • develop teamwork and communication skills
  • connect with other conference participants on a deeper level
  • explore new perspectives, solutions, and strategies in the work environment

Our goal is to create a stimulating and supportive environment in which each participant will be able to freely express their ideas and experiences of the novel, i.e., the main characters.

Everyone is welcome, regardless of their level of experience with Legos or psychological concepts.

Indulge in an adventure that will guide you through the mysterious world of the Orient Express, discovering new aspects of the human personality and creating strong bonds with fellow participants.