Are you full of theories? The HR Days conference brings a record number of practical workshops!

Each new addition to our 'arsenal' of knowledge and skills makes us more capable of tackling the career challenges that come our way.

Sitting comfortably in your chair, you listened to another in a series of inspiring online lectures. The person you listened to intently through almost an hour of lectures succeeded in what you thought was impossible. She made seemingly complex challenges trivial and easily surmountable. She had answers to all questions. She motivated. Fascinated. Inspired.

Now you are ready for everything that awaits you in the rest of the working week, even your career. You've seen a master at work and learned everything you need to know. But is that really so? Is hearing or seeing someone's success the same as actually achieving success? Theory is great and necessary, no doubt about that, but wouldn't it be more useful if it were paired with practice?

In order to offer the best of both worlds, in addition to inspiring lectures that will infect us with creative energy, 12. The HR Days conference brings an ever greater number of practical and interactive workshops!

In beautiful Rovinj, 8. and May 9, surrounded by leading regional HR professionals improve existing knowledge and acquire skills that you will apply every day in your work!

From stress resistance to impactful action plans

Below is a short overview of everything that awaits you:

• in a world full of changes and challenges, it is necessary to acquire cognitive-behavioral tools for building resistance to stress. Thanks to the workshop "Can we become resistant to stress? by Selectio“ we'll discover how to identify stressors, overcome overwhelm, and equip yourself with practical tools to build long-term stress resistance. Join us on a journey where you will become aware of your thoughts and learn how they affect the emotions that are the source of stress and anxiety in business and private environments

• do you know what steps you need to take to achieve long-term equality and reach a pay gap of less than 5%? At the case study workshop "Equal pay for equal work by Selectio", you will learn firsthand how to set the preconditions for a transparent and equal pay system, prevent unconscious bias in hiring and create an organizational culture that encourages transparency and openness

• what does excellence look like? How can we consistently choose the right people? What other talents can we access? We will find the answers to these and many other questions during the workshop "Driving profit and increasing predictive validity in recruitment"

• according to Gallup's State of the Global Workplace: 2023 Report, 13% of people are engaged, 72% are disengaged , while 15% are actively disengaged. Should all efforts be directed towards employee branding or employee retention? How do you balance that? Practical lecture "Neuroscience in creating highly functional teams by Deep Project" will help us transform working environments and set new standards in human resources management.

• Variability, uncertainty, uncertainty and unpredictability are increasingly present in our personal and the business context. Workshop "Agility of learning - does knowledge have a shelf life and why is it important to know not to know" will guide us through the process of exploring our relationship to uncertainty and unknowns and introduce us to techniques of conscious and deliberate change of behavior thoughts and perspectives.

• How to effectively recognize the pulse of employee satisfaction, discover the key points that can raise or break the organizational spirit, or at least unravel the mysterious puzzle - who are these key players needed to achieve the set goals? At the workshop called "The road to success is paved with action plans by Alma Career Croatia" expect not only guidance, but also a dose of inspiration that will push you forward, even through the most challenging business labyrinths.

• If you come from the world ofrecruitment one question is surely already "coming out of your ears". Of course, it is a puzzle "where to find a quality IT person and how to attract him to your ranks?". In workshops with a similar name, we will discover how to approach IT people, how to get them interested in our company and how to build an image that will attract top candidates.

​Ensure your place in time on 12. HR Days conference because this year we are directing the spotlight towards practical knowledge that will transform the way we approach human resources. The partners of the conference are Algebra, Employer partner and Deep Project, and the sponsor of the conference is SD Worx Croatia.