Ready for the 12th consecutive HR Days? We bring what awaits you!

The conference with a long tradition returns to its roots and the former spring term, taking place on May 8 and 9 at the Lone Hotel in Rovinj.

HR Days and Rovinj are already a well-known combination to all experts in the field of human resources, as well as lovers of this area of ​​business.

In this short review, we will remind you of the values ​​that the 12 brings. in order of HR Days conferences, which we can summarize under the common denominator: connect, learn and have fun!

Alma Career Croatia, which organized the mentioned conference, is bringing world-class professionals to Rovinj again this year experts that you can normally see on the world stages of London, Paris, Amsterdam...

We're joined by Ronan Harrington, one of the world's top speakers and an expert in the neuroscience of resilience, who enables top-class resilience programs for major institutions and organisations, including the UK Government, Sky and the University of Oxford. German professor Armin Trost, who is also one of the most influential experts in the field of human resources in Europe, will address us on the topic of employee retention, while Alex Her, Talent Brand Leader of the Year, will show potential with concrete examples. content marketing for attracting new employees, but also what trends await us in the next two years when it comes to recruitment marketing.

Maggi Evans, an experienced consultant with international experience in various sectors, will also be coming from Great Britain to address the management problems of low performers, while this year we will have a married couple on stage for the first time. which will cover the same topic from two points of view – Debra and Ken Corey will present us with their building block model for building great bosses and share their personal stories. Given that artificial intelligence has entered every pore of business, we will be joined by the Belgian engineer Geertrui Mieke De Ketelaere, who will address the topic of practical application of artificial intelligence in human resources and thus lead us to a dynamic research on the impact and value of artificial intelligence in the field of human resources.

In addition to practical lectures, we enriched the program with two panels; one on the topic of inclusion of foreign workers, and the other on the topic of returning to offices. Respected representatives of the HR community will join us on the panel and look back at all the challenges, pitfalls, and successful practices.

Through expert workshops, we will also cover hot topics such as agility in learning, equal pay for equal work, resistance to stress and neuroscience in creating highly functional teams.

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