The program of the 12th HR Days conference has been revealed: World experts are coming to Rovinj!

The most important regional meeting of the HR community is returning to its 'roots' and the original spring time, and this year's 12th edition of the conference will be held on May 8 and 9 in Rovinj.

Since its beginnings in 2013, the HR Days conference has been a faithful partner in the process of stacking colorful, often irregular cubes into a meaningful and elegant "mosaic" of purposeful employee management.

As well as the inevitable destination of all intending travelers from the world of HR!

From the inclusion of foreigners to the use of neuroscience in HR

This year's conference, which is proudly organized by MojPosao, the leading portal for advertising vacancies and part of the Alma Career group, represents a perfect blend of practice and theory, as well as education and entertainment, ensuring an unforgettable experience for all participants.

The focus will be on topics such as managing low performers, embedding a culture of sustainable business, applying artificial intelligence in HR, increasing predictive validity in recruitment, recruitment marketing and using neuroscience in human resources.

Some of HR's brightest stars will once again shine on the stage of the Lone Hotel.

From the unsurpassed resilience expert Ronan Harrington, through the master of retaining top talent Armin Trost and the specialist in awakening dormant employees Dr. Maggi Evans to Ken and Debra Corey, the first married couple to lecture at Days on a topic many can relate to - preventing bad bosses from ruining careers.

Intriguing round tables and Best regional HR practices

In addition to exciting lectures that will encourage you to think, HR Days also brings two interesting round tables:

  • Inclusion of foreign workers – In today's globalized world, the integration of foreign talent into the workforce is becoming increasingly important. This roundtable will provide a platform to discuss challenges, opportunities and best practices in the inclusion of foreign workers, while encouraging the exchange of experiences among participants.
  • To return or not to return – The panel will explore the advantages and disadvantages of returning workers to the office and alternatives such as flexible working hours or remote work. Participants will have the opportunity to hear different perspectives and learn about the latest trends and practices in workplace organization.

These are topics that are inevitable in today's globalized world. Expect deep analyses, provocative discussions and insights that will encourage you to think.

The second day of the conference will be dedicated to a variety of workshops and practical work, giving you the opportunity to gain invaluable skills and knowledge. Whether you are an experienced HR professional or just entering this dynamic industry, a rich range of workshops will provide you with the opportunity for personal and professional growth.

At the conference, we will also present innovative HR practices that have had a profound impact on corporate culture, employee engagement and business success, and the most successful among them will take the title of Best Regional HR Practice!

Work hard, but don't forget to have fun
After the official part of the program, it's time to party!

Under the motto 'work hard, play even harder', we invite you to the dance floor and a night full of unforgettable moments. The party will last until the early hours of the morning, giving us the opportunity to relax and connect with each other outside of the business framework, and the band Retrodukcija is in charge of having a good time!

For those who want even more networking, we offer the opportunity to participate in the so-called on the "zero day" of the conference. This day is dedicated to networking and creating connections with colleagues from the profession, all with the help of the Wine tasting & speed dating workshop.