Let's stop pushing things under the rug and create resilient work environments focused on employee well-being

The labor market needs change. A different and more innovative approach. Ronan Harrington, an expert in resilience and one of the most anticipated lecturers at this year's Hr days conference, will introduce us to methods of creating work environments centered on a sincere focus on understanding the needs of employees.

Burnout, i.e. 'combustion', is a word that keeps popping up in conversations, especially when people share their feelings about the workplace. Research shows that more than 40% of office workers are burned out at work, even if they don't feel it or admit it. They feel exhausted and emotionally exhausted, unable to face certain situations, permanently tired, disappointed and without energy.

A balance between private and business is at the very top of our career-related priorities, but we are getting further and further away from that goal. This is a topic that we must not under any circumstances, especially if we come from the world of human resources, push 'under the carpet'.

Exactly for this reason in Rovinj, on 12. HR Days conference, Ronan Harrington is coming in May!

Burnout needs to be replaced by a new, happier word

This expert in the neuroscience of resilience, whose value was recognized by the British government when he was only 24 years old, appointing him as the leading futurologist of the Foreign Office, will give a lecture at the conference on 'The Four M's: embedding a new culture of sustainable performance'.

Thanks to a refreshing and sustainable approach to building resilience, both individuals and organizations themselves, Ronan has been finding solutions to the constant struggle with employee burnout for years.

Work overload accompanied by an avalanche of tasks and meetings, availability from 0 to 24, which undoubtedly leads to the intertwining of career and private life, lack of motivation and serious, and in the most severe cases, irreversible damage to our mental health are the challenges of the modern labor market. And questions that, sooner or later, will be on the desk of every leader, manager and HR person.

However, in his lecture, Ronan will show how by designing working environments and cultural norms centered on renewal, well-being and a sincere focus on understanding the needs of employees, we can create a new work model. In which burnout will be replaced by a new, happier word.