Are you ready for the HR event of the year? The countdown has started!

At the end of summer, more precisely on September 20 and 21, Rovinj becomes the epicenter of the largest and longest-running conference dedicated to human potential in our region - 11. HR Days conference!

Get ready for two unforgettable days filled with inspiration, knowledge and fun, at an event that will bring together HR experts who are changing the world of human resources in one place! Experts like you!

Find opportunities in every challenge

We are proud to highlight our impressive list of this year's speakers and lecturers, among whom are prominent HR professionals, experts and leaders:

  • Marnick Vandebroek, a certified NLP practitioner and the most sought-after Belgian keynote speaker will reveal to you how to create an interesting story and convey it to others with enthusiasm!
  • Steve Usher is a successful entrepreneur and podcaster whose lecture "More Human Experience" will change the way you think about human resources
  • Nicklas Prydol brings us a vision of the future of HR, devising ways to adapt to the challenges of tomorrow
  • Business leader Nigel Jeremy will inspire you by redefining learning, business development and rewarding employees
  • Natal Dank, the world leader in Agile HR, will reveal to us how to deliver performance through your HR strategy and set new standards for success
  • Experienced keynote speaker Oliver Medill has always focused on "The Opportunities Ahead" in his work, and at the Days he will help us see the opportunities in every challenge!
  • Suzanne Lucas, better known as the 'Evil HR lady', will show us her 'good side' by answering the question you have surely asked yourself - "How to use ChatGPT in human resources?"
  • Josip Pavliček, an expert in lie detection, reveals the secrets of selection processes (3.0) and methods of finding ideal candidates 
  • Clinical psychologist, Danijela Ostojić, will put the topic of building successful relationships, which are key to success in business and personal life, under the spotlight
  • What has been cooking in the HR world in the last year, we will find out firsthand from the representatives of this year's Best regional HR practices!

Interactive workshops: Your new HR experiences!

Unleash your leadership potential with interactive workshops that will challenge you and encourage you to think creatively: 

  • Steve Usher will take you on a great journey where you will create unforgettable experiences
  • Senior HR advisors and Leadership trainers Jasna Belamarić and Kristina Popović Vuić will guide you through the process of unlocking your leadership potential.
  • HR consultants Ph.D. Dario Car, Petar Čalić and Dario Perak invite you on a "journey through imagination" with the aim of reaching new levels of mutual understanding and creativity.
  • Ph.D. Krešimir Delač, bravely investigates the "hell of fluctuation", giving answers to the eternal question "how to keep our most important talents?"
  • Ivana Barbara Turkalj will help you optimize energy capacity in an efficient and sustainable way
  • Of course, the indispensable Masterclass will be held this year at the Grand Park Hotel Rovinj, where Natal Dank will make sure that you learn from each other and explore how to overcome the challenges faced by leaders when implementing strategies.

Unmissable panels and new perspectives

In addition to great lectures and workshops, this year's edition of the conference also brings two panels that will deepen your understanding of key topics from the world of human resources:

In today's business world, where different generations work together, understanding the needs and expectations of the new generation Z is extremely important.

  • The panel“Gen Z – management challenges, expectations, tips&tricks” will consider how to adapt to new ways of working and communicating to ensure successful management and collaboration.
  • Also, there is a panel on “Data Driven Employer Branding”, which will explore how the application of data can shape recruitment strategy and employer image building.

Entertainment at HR nights

The HR Days conference is by no means just a business event - after the day's program, enjoy the evening excitement with one of the most famous names of the Croatian music scene - Matija Cvek!

The dance floor is waiting for you!

Apply today and become part of a game-changing revolution in the world of HR!

This year we are also joined by partners Algebra and Employer Partner as well as sponsors: LQ, Agilcon and Gecko,, Simulus, DeeP Project, Data – Link Unija Smart Accounting, InfoDom, Above Academy