Ken Corey

Ken Corey is a seasoned Engineering Leader and a trailblazer in fostering innovative solutions, most recently exemplified in his role as a Senior Engineering Manager at Curve. With a rich career spanning over three decades, Ken has been at the forefront of cultivating high-performance teams, driving complex project deliveries and advancing cutting-edge engineering practices in companies ranging from startups to large enterprises. Ken's leadership ethos is rooted deeply in people development, always striving to propel his team members' careers to new heights while ensuring utmost customer satisfaction.

What can you expect at the lecture “How to Stop Your Bad Bosses from Ruining Lives”:

  • Description of 10 types of bad bosses - explaining what they are and the impact they have on employees
  • Great Boss Building Block™ Model - 14 building blocks, why they matter, and the steps your bosses can take to improve the situation
  • Real-life stories of bad bosses that help illustrate the damage they can cause
  • Practical and applicable tips on managing bad bosses, as well as how not to become one of them